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A Basketball Coach & Mentor For All Levels

Basketball is a game of habits, and while there are plenty of trainers and programs that offer “skill development”, I want to help athletes do more.  Through individual training, group training & camps, I'll help your athlete focus on building the habits they need to stand out and look special in games.


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Matt McLeod has changed the lives of thousands of players through his work as a basketball coach and leadership development specialist. He has worked with players and coaches all across the country and at all levels – from middle school to the NBA. Regardless of a player’s level, Matt is committed to helping others overcome setbacks and disappointment to achieve the greatness that’s inside of them.

A highly decorated and nationally respected coach, Matt partners with players to establish personalized programs that help achieve their dreams of playing basketball at the college level and beyond. If you want to change the way you approach the game of basketball and reach new leadership heights, Matt is the trainer for you. His mentorship will allow you to feel a newfound sense of accomplishment that comes from working with one of the game’s best.

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